Are you looking for guidance and direction on your life path?  Then you have come to the right place.  There are no coincidences. I offer many soul centered services which help my clients open the doors to within, and become receptive to their soul’s inner truth.   I offer you years of learning, experience, wisdom and my own profound life experiences, which have accelerated my spiritual and evolutionary growth.

I offer a safe space and unconditional love as I guide you to connect to that sacred space within – your internal source of peace, power and grace – your soul’s truth.

I dedicate all my services in honor of my beautiful son Richie, an old soul, who departed the earth plane in 2010.  I am guided to go on and serve others with a deep, inner knowing that my son is now my teacher in the spirit realm.

I look forward to sharing and connecting with you on your journey!

Carol Bellis, CSC, CPLC

Soul Coaching®

Carol is a certified Soul Coach® and can guide you through this powerful process that takes you to your spiritual source and helps you find meaning and sacredness in your everyday life.


A professional astrology consultation with Carol will  help you  clarify what the universe is asking of you in any given moment. Carol brings many years of insight and professional experience to your consultation.

The Hearts Link®


If you or someone you know is recovering from the loss of a loved one, friend, pet, or ancestor The Hearts Link® may serve as a catalyst for personal answers, comfort, and support.

Tarot Readings

Carol has studied the mystical, divinatory art of tarot since 1994.  The strikingly beautiful and universal language of the tarot provide uncanny access to our hidden depths. Other oracle card readings are also available.

“Your life is not about what is going to happen. It is about how you respond to what does happen…It is about your habits of consciousness and how you can change them.”