Astrology Forecast for November 2013

November-Astrology-ForecastHighlights of the month:

11/1  Uranus square Pluto

11/3  New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

11/7  Jupiter stations RETROGRADE in Cancer

11/10  Mercury stations DIRECT in Scorpio

11/13  Neptune stations DIRECT in Pisces

11/17  Full Moon in Taurus

The Sun in Scorpio joins retrograde Mercury in Scorpio on 11/1/13, suggesting powerful verbal exchanges are being reviewed and reconsidered with penetrating mental insight.  Also on 11/1/13, the Uranus –Pluto square aspect is in major activation mode again on 11/1/13.  This is alignment number four out of seven exact alignments through 2015.  One only has to watch or read the news about global events to witness the revolutionary energies playing out in the collective, for better or for worse.  Those of us with natal planets plugged into this life altering pattern are experiencing major change and readjustment in our personal lives.  The quote, “Thy will be done, not my will”, comes to mind with this aspect.  However, knowledge is power and understanding the calling for evolutionary change can help us navigate through uncharted territory with increased self awareness and courage.

We have a New Moon Solar Eclipse on 11/3/13 at 7:51 AM EST at 11 degrees of Scorpio.  Eclipses can be wild cards in how they play out, both individually and collectively.  As mentioned last month, they quite often facilitate endings and new beginnings, depending upon where they occur in a natal birth chart.  Scorpio is profound, deep, transformational, unyielding, and tenacious.  Scorpio also symbolizes the healing power of the soul that helps us overcome adversity throughout our life challenges.

Venus, the planet of relationship and values (including financial values), enters ambitious, earth sign Capricorn on 11/5/13, and will align with powerful Pluto mid month on 11/14-11/16/13, suggesting an intense focus on business relationships, or themes of power struggles, passion and competition for control.

The Sun in Scorpio aligns with Saturn in Scorpio on 11/6, forming a nice grand trine with Jupiter in Cancer and Chiron in Pisces.   The intense focus and seriousness of this aspect has the potential to find a healing or creative expression through a grounded expression of emotions.

Jupiter, the planet of beliefs, higher knowledge and adventure stations RETROGRADE  in Cancer on 11/7/13.  Its prolonged trine to Saturn suggests a productive re-alignment of our personal truths and how we learn, grow and connect with the world at large.

Mercury, the communications planet, stations DIRECT in Scorpio on 11/10/13 at 4:15 PM EST.  After a three week review period, the collective communication mode is ready to move forward.  Any indecision or lack of clarity begins to wane as we are ready to act on what we have been incubating over the previous three weeks contemplative period.  Scorpio exposes the truth and does not mince words.  With Mercury now direct, the truth will be spoke  with intensity and unwavering determination.

Neptune, the planet of psychic intuition, dreams, inspiration or illusions, stations DIRECT in ethereal Pisces on 11/13/19.  Dreams, psychic impressions, sensitivity and empathy are quite amplified at this time.  This is an important time to take extra care of our physical bodies, as we are more sensitive to caffeine, drugs, alcohol and allergies of all kinds.   Any illusions we have been harboring will be revealed to help us face reality and surrender to the inevitable.   Artists and creative souls will be deeply inspired to bring this energy into manifestation through their unique self expression.

Venus in Capricorn squares Uranus in Aries on 11/14-11/15/13, plugging into the Uranus-Pluto square.  Expect surprises or sudden developments in areas of business, politics and government.  Issues of reform, change, extremes and humanitarianism are highlighted.

A Full Moon in follows on 11/17/13 at 10:17 AM EST AT 25 degrees of earth sign Taurus.  Taurus is associated with nature, practicality, security and sensuality. With the Full Moon in Taurus oppose Sun in Scorpio, the polarity of security versus change is illuminated, not only outside us in the sky, but inside us as a state of consciousness.  The gravitational pull of the Moon affects the entire planet.

Chiron, the planetary body symbolizing the wounded healer, stations DIRECT at 9 degrees of Pisces on 11/19/13.  This is a sensitive time where healing can take place on the most subtle levels of our being.  This is a most auspicious time to engage in all forms of the healing arts to gain self awareness.

The Sun leaves the depths of intense Scorpio and enters fire sign Sagittarius on 11/21/13, lightening the mood a bit, however, a Sun-Neptune square exact on 11/24 can blur boundaries and foster ambiguities.  This is a temporary pause to go with the flow as best we can.

We end the month with Venus in Capricorn oppose Jupiter retrograde in Cancer on 11/28 – 11/30/13, along with Mercury trine Jupiter and Sun trine Uranus.   This is flowing, expansive energy adding more optimism to the planetary mix.

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