Astrology Forecast for December 2013

dec-astrology-forecastAstrological Highlights for December 2013

New Moon on 12/2/13 at 12:40 PM EST in Sagittarius

Mars, the action planet, enters Libra on 12/7/13 for an extended stay

Full Moon on 12/17/13 at 4:29 AM EST in Gemini AND on 12/17/13, the planet Uranus stations Direct in Aries at 2:40 PM EST oppose Mars in Libra….A lively day for sure!

Venus, the planet of love, values and money, stations retrograde in Capricorn on 12/21/13 at 4:55 PM EST

12/2/13-  NEW MOON IN SAGITTARIUS.  Sagittarius is an extroverted fire sign.  This is an auspicious time for new beginnings that are visionary, far reaching and futuristic.  This New Moon aligns with Chiron, the maverick or wounded healer archetype, and it harmoniously aspects Uranus, the planet symbolizing progress and innovation.

12/4/13- MERCURY LEAVES THE SIGN OF SCORPIO AND ENTERS SAGITTARIUS.  The collective communication mode this month will be more philosophical and broad minded.

12/6/13-MERCURY SQUARE NEPTUNE.  Beware of confusion and misunderstandings in all communication matters.  Things are not as they seem today.

12/7/13- MARS ENTERS AIR SIGN LIBRA WHERE IT WILL STAY FOR MONTHS (through 5/19/14) DUE TO ITS RETROGRADE CYCLE BEGINNING ON 3/1/14.  Where do you have Libra in your birth chart?  Be prepared for this area of your life to get very busy for months to come!  During a Mars in Libra cycle, we can expect conflicts, as well as resolutions, in relating matters.  Those of us with personal planets or chart angles in Libra will feel motivated to assert and go after what we desire.  Mars is the archetypal God of war.  Mars symbolizes our assertive drive and our how we take the initiative.

! ! 12/17/13- FULL MOON IN GEMINI AND URANUS STATION DIRECT IN ARIES.  This can be a volatile time with unexpected surprises or events, as Uranus will station in challenge aspect to warrior Mars.  With A Gemini Full Moon, the collective mindset will be buzzing with information or social concerns.   Mental stress will need some kind of constructive outlet.

12/21/13- VENUS, THE PLANET OF LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS STATIONS RETROGRADE AT WINTER SOLSTICE TIME IN EARTH SIGN CAPRICORN.  It will remain retrograde through 1/31/14.  Venus turns retrograde in a cyclical manner every two years for forty days, affording us the opportunity to re-evaluate the value and worth of what is most important to us on a heart level.  If issues come up, there is a higher purpose.  Clarification is needed before any action should be taken.  There is a deep, inner process at work here, and many of us will find ourselves revisiting the past in some shape or form.  In addition, because Venus rules beauty, this is NOT a good time to have cosmetic surgery or any type of surgery that enhances one’s appearance.   Venus retrograde in Capricorn is collectively concerned with business, politics, money, success and the structural foundation of society.

12/21-12/24/13- SUN AND MERCURY ENTER CAPRICORN.  Stable energy supporting hard work and disciplined focus.

!! 12/24- 12/25/13- MARS IN LIBRA OPPOSE STATIONING URANUS IN ARIES.  O.K., for some of us, the holidays will not be without some tension!  Expect surprises, unexpected or impulsive actions.

12/29-12/30/13- MERCURY AND SUN SQUARE URANUS.  More surprises, more mental tension.  On the positive side, this is energy for ingenious ideas and technological progress or innovation.

12/30-12/31/13- MARS IN CHALLENGE ASPECT TO A MERCURY-PLUTO CONJUNCTION IN CAPRICORN.  Aggression and/or dynamic action is linked with communication and transportation.  There will be an intense mental focus.  Expect serious discussions that may involve debate.  The New Moon coming on 1/1/14 conjuncts Pluto!  More about that next month.

Find time during this hectic holiday season to be still, quiet your mind and simply breathe.  I recommend taking a media break as often as possible.  This is a good month to listen to soothing music and focus on what’s truly important and forget about the rest.

Happy Holidays


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