Astrology Forecast for February 2014

february-astrology-forecastAstrological Highlights this month:

Mercury stations retrograde in Pisces and Aquarius on 2/6/14 through 2/28/14

Full Moon in Leo on 2/14/14 at 6:54 PM EST

Retrograde Mercury in Aquarius  in square aspect to Saturn in Scorpio on 2/18-2/19/14

Sun enters Pisces on 2/18/14

Sun in Pisces conjoins Neptune in Pisces 2/23-2/24/14

Retrograde Jupiter in Cancer squares Uranus in Aries on 2/26/14

Mercury stations direct in Aquarius on 2/28/14


2/6/14 – MERCURY, THE COMMUNICATIONS PLANET, STATIONS RETROGRADE IN PISCES ON  ON 2/6/14 at 4:47 PM EST.  It will retrograde at 3 degrees of Pisces and go direct at end of month on 2/28/14 at 18 degrees of Aquarius.  During a  Mercury retrograde three week cycle, we are well advised to slow down, reflect and re-evaluate what is happening in our lives.  It is not an ideal time to initiate something new, purchase a car, computer or home appliance or sign any important  long term contracts.  The reason being we often change our minds when the cycle is over.  Also, we are more at home in a retrograde right brain mode which can miss important details and have to correct them later on.  Once the three week period is complete, we begin to emerge with more clarity, focus and readiness to move forward with any information or ideas we have been ruminating over during this time.  We can best work with this cycle by remembering and implementing all the RE words: re-evaluate, revise, reform, re-unite, re-invent, restore, re-think, redo and so on.  It is an excellent time to engage in meditation, quiet reflection, journaling, or some kind of spiritual retreat.  We all need some mental downtime in our fast paced, super charged, high tech society!  Pisces is the archetype of the dreamer, mystic, artist or musician.  Aquarius, on the other hand, is the archetype of the inventor, the rebel and the innovator.   Wherever we have these two signs in our natal chart is where the process of review will be well underway.

2/11/14 –  SUN IN AQUARIUS SQUARE SATURN IN SCORPIO.  This alignment suggests a serious and focused day.  Sun-Saturn needs to work, set limits and goals and follow the rules.  Key words are super-responsible, duty bound, controlling and reliable.

2/14/14 – FULL MOON IN LEO AT 6:54 PM EST.  Leo energy loves to shine bright.  At its best, it is playful, fun loving, warm hearted, creative and dramatic.  This is a wonderful Full Moon for Valentine’s Day which is all about love.  However, there is a more serious aspect to Saturn in Scorpio which suggests a more serious and focused expression of this usually light hearted, fire energy.  Mars, ruling initiative and assertiveness, is in harmonious aspect to this Full Moon, supporting confidence in our actions.

2/18-2/19/14 – MERCURY RETROGRADE IN AQUARIUS IN SQUARE ASPECT TO SATURN IN SCORPIO.  This is a potent time for some serious re-evaluation, deliberation and reflection.  We are facing some blocks and limitations in communication matters. The energy can feel somewhat depressing or heavy at this time, however if channeled properly, we can persist and persevere with knowledge that this too shall pass, and our efforts will be rewarded.

2/18/14 – SUN ENTERS PISCES.  Pisces is a psychic, intuitive, sensitive water sign.  Intuition is strong, yet boundaries can be blurred at times.  Pisces needs to feel deeply connected to someone or something that feeds their soul or spiritual yearning to transcend.  The more destructive side of Pisces wants to escape the harsh realities of life through disempowering means.  This next month is a wonderful time to dream and imagine a future that fulfills our highest aspirations.  It’s also a wonderful month to engage in healing modalities as Pisces is also the archetype of the healer.

2/23-2/24/14 – SUN IN PISCES CONJOINS NEPTUNE IN PISCES.  Intuitive insights, revelations and healing are greatly amplified at this time!  The above mentioned qualities of Pisces are seeking expression.  On the positive side, with Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, in harmonious trine to expansive Jupiter in Cancer, this is an auspicious time for spiritual healing and soulful connections.  On another note, Sun-Neptune can amplify illusions and confusion.  There is a deep sensitivity with this alignment that is idealistic and yearning for transcendence.  Beware of overindulging to escape reality at this time, as our physical bodies are quite sensitive to toxins of all kinds.

2/26/14 – RETROGRADE JUPITER IN CANCER IN SQUARE ASPECT TO URANUS IN ARIES.  Change, progress, innovation, rebellion and surprise are all key words here to describe this cyclical pattern.  Jupiter is in square aspect to Uranus three times from 8/13 through 4/14.  All square aspects suggest dynamic tension seeking resolution and breakthrough.  This alignment is plugged strongly into the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square in effect from 2012 – 2015.  We are truly living in a time of monumental change, tension and growth, personally and collectively.  With Pluto transiting through Capricorn, we are urged to break from tradition and literally build a new reality.  Uranus transiting through bold and pioneering Aries can be a rebel or an innovator.   We can see all the changes occurring in the world at this time are a reflection of this long lasting, cyclical pattern of change and reform.

Where do you feel the inner call for monumental change?  Is your life going through an unprecedented change?  Are you being asked to let go and start over?  Tap into your courage and inner strength and know without a doubt that you chose to be here during this pivotal time on planet Earth.

2/28/14 – MERCURY STATIONS DIRECT IN AQUARIUS AND THE SUN IN PISCES TRINES JUPITER IN CANCER.  The three week cycle of re-evaluation is coming to an end, and we are getting geared up for forward momentum once again.   All our patience and reflection was worth it once we realize it was a necessary pause to align us in the right direction.  Dream big with Sun trine Jupiter, and get moving on your plans or goals, whatever they may be!

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