Astrology Forecast for June 2014

june-astro-forecast***Mars, the planet of action or war, triggers the ongoing Uranus – Pluto square this month (see below).  Life can throw some of us some major curve balls under these potent aspects.  It can also force us to make some long needed changes for our highest and best.  It is wise to think first, act later….not act first and regret later.

Dynamic energies this month:

6/7/14- Mercury, the communications planet, stations retrograde at 3 degrees of Cancer today for the next three weeks.  It will station direct 7/1/14 at 24 degrees of Gemini.  We can use this retrograde time productively by reviewing, revising, reconsidering, or reuniting with friends and family.  It does not always have to be stressful.  Expect possible delays or technology mishaps and try to go with the flow.  This is not an auspicious time to initiate a major under taking, however, it is a good time to make plans behind the scenes to initiate next month when Mercury is direct.  Beware of missing details in important contracts or legal paperwork.   It is also a good time to finish up old projects and tie up loose ends.  As always, confirm all travel reservations and leave for the airport early!

6/9/14- Neptune, the psychic, ethereal, imaginative and creative planet, stations retrograde at 7 degrees of mystical and sensitive water sign Pisces today.  This is an excellent time to cultivate our inner vision or intuition.  Our perceptions are extremely acute at this time.  It’s important to try and avoid draining people, places or things which sap our energy.  Pisces energy is so sensitive, a station of Neptune, which rules Pisces, can amplify our desire to escape unpleasant situations in non-constructive ways.   Our physical bodies are also very sensitive to medications, drugs and alcohol at this time.

6/13/14- FULL MOON at 22 degrees of fire sign Sagittarius at 12:13 AM EDT.  A Full Moon is an energetically potent time for both illumination and release.  In Sagittarius, adventure, travel, higher learning, philosophy and sporting events are more in the spotlight.  This is a wonderful time to open up to new vistas or go on a vision quest.  The Mercury retrograde with a Full Moon in Sagittarius is very supportive to go inward seeking the truth.

6/12-6/13/14- Venus in Taurus opposes Saturn in Scorpio.  This adds a sobering chill to love and romance matters.  However, on the bright side, commitments are taken very seriously.  Social engagements may feel heavy or demanding.

6/13-6/14/14- Mars at 12 degrees of Libra square Pluto at 12 degrees of Capricorn…Ouch!  This is heavy energy which may bring out hostilities or anger in some people and places on our planet.  This type of energy often evokes some kind of violence or eruption on a collective level.  On another note, there is extreme determination and willpower to make changes.  If a fighting spirit is needed to go on….this aspect will lend support.

6/19/14- Sun in Gemini aligns with retrograde Mercury in Gemini.  Air sign Gemini is social, diverse, communicative and always on the go.  It rules networking, short trips and all things related to communication.  Our minds are buzzing with information and ideas.  There is an “air” of sociability today.

6/21/14- The Sun enters 0 degrees of Cancer at Summer Solstice today- celebrate the longest day of the year offering us the beginning of long, light filled summer days.

6/24-6/25/14- Mars, the warrior planet, next confronts rebel Uranus with a challenging opposition aspect, completing the collision with the Uranus-Pluto square.  This is a very unsettled and tense time when unexpected events, accidents, eruptions or sudden change may be in the forefront.  This is a temperamental alignment.  On the bright side, this aspect is often found in charts of brilliant minded people who excel in science, math and technology.  It can also suggest sudden progress or advances in the collective.

6/27/14- NEW MOON at 5 degrees of water sign Cancer at 4:10 AM EDT.  This New Moon will harmoniously align with mystical Neptune in Pisces, enhancing new beginnings related to emotion, home, family and nurturing.  It will make a wide opposition to Pluto, suggesting an auspicious time to initiate change and transformation in regard to all Cancer matters.

6/29/14- Venus in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces.  Things are not as they seem today.  Boundaries may be blurred and escapism may be yearned for.  This is an imaginative and dreamy time.  It is best to engage in right brain activities and refrain from making long term decisions today.  We do not have all the facts though we may believe we are doing the right thing.


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