Carol Bellis, CSC, CPLC

With my curious third house Sun and worldly ninth house Moon, I have always been a lifelong seeker of knowledge and spiritual truths.  My passion for metaphysical knowledge was seeded in my youth, as I frequently experienced pre-cognitive dreams, psychic foreknowing of events to occur, and other metaphysical phenomena that I did not understand.  It was not until my late twenties that I began to seek out explanations and teachings about all aspects of spirituality and life beyond the physical realm.

Over the years, I have studied with wise mentors who taught me the intuitive arts of reflexology, tarot, divination, astrology, reiki, shamanism, soul coaching, angel communication, and more recently; mediumship and dream coaching.

I will never stop seeking higher truths, and I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and life experiences with others.  I believe a major part of my life purpose is to empower others to understand their soul’s journey in this physical lifetime.

On a more personal note, I love my pilates classes, books, crystals, flowers, good red wine and Old Gringo leather boots.  At one time, I owned dozens of tarot decks in my collection.  My astrology library takes up an entire room in my home, and is still expanding to this day.  I can be found sitting outside gazing at my garden waterfall in my Florida home all winter long when I am not busy visiting family, interpreting birth charts or reading cards.  I love the peace and quiet of being in nature.