My Son, Richie

When the Unthinkable Happens…

Our beautiful son, Richie

In March of 2010 my life changed forever when my 16 year old son, Richie, was killed in a dirt biking accident. No amount of spiritual and personal development can prepare you for this kind of loss. I wasn’t sure I would ever be able to function in the world again. I closed my practice and began the journey of reconciling to life without my beautiful son.

Recovering from this type of grief is a long process. Along the way I was tended to by loving family, friends, my many angels and Richie’s memory and spirit.

I am now ready to come back to work and to shine the light for others again. Something beautiful happens when we come together in the loving and witness the beauty of God in each others’ souls.

I share this part of my journey with you because this experience has left me forever changed. It has deepened my connection with Spirit and has connected me with a wellspring of love and compassion that I share with you.

If your life has also been forever changed by loss, know that I understand. It may not feel like it right now, but one day  you will find yourself feeling moments of happiness again. Please. Allow this to happen. Your loved ones in heaven are praying that you find your way through the darkness into the light. There are many of us loving you and praying with you.