Code of Ethics


CONFIDENTIALITY:  I hold all communication with my clients in complete confidence.  I consider my communication exchange with my clients as sacred, and have complete respect for their privacy.

EXPERTISE:  I will not give advice in areas for which I am not qualified.  Instead, I will encourage my client to seek service from appropriate individuals.  I will make referrals whenever possible.

EMPOWERMENT:  I will not make “cast in stone” or fateful statements which take the power to choose away from my clients.  Instead, I will strive to help guide my clients to make life and soul affirming decisions based on guidance provided from my all my varied client services.

HEALING:  As a spiritually based practitioner, astrologer and coach, I consider myself a conduit through which healing guidance is brought forth from our meeting or exchange.  It is my goal to empower and inspire clients to be the best they can be.

PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT:  I will at all times maintain a professional relationship with my clients.  I will not abuse a client’s trust, nor will I do a consultation for an unaware client for someone else without the other client’s consent.   I will continue to study and advance my knowledge to enhance my professional development and aid me in providing helpful consultations and readings.  I will treat all other professional colleagues with respect.