Gateway Dreaming with Carol Bellis, Certified Gateway Dreaming Practitioner

Do you remember your dreams? We spend one quarter of our life asleep! We all dream, even if we do not remember our dreams. Dreams are critical for all aspects of our well being. Gateway Dream Coaching teaches you how to recall your dreams and integrate the healing wisdom of your soul into your waking life. Ancient cultures revered dream time, and it is time to bring back respect and reverence for our dream time in today’s busy world.

In this Teleclass, we will discuss:

• What dreams are from the viewpoints of scientists, psychologists, shamans and mystics
• The mystical use of a dream journal and dream altar
• Feng shui and space clearing secrets to promote dreaming
• About dream aids such as crystals, essential oils and herbs
• About dream recall methods and dream incubation
• The most common dreams and their meanings

Your host Sue Campanella, owner of Transformations Life Coaching is the  moderator.

Click here to listen to the  podcast of this class.


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