Astrology Consultations

There are several different options for your Astrology reading. If you are unsure of which service best suits your needs, please feel free to contact me to discuss your options.

ALSO, all astrology service fees include comprehensive and detailed preparation time prior to our actual appointed consultation time.

Natal Birth Chart Plus One-Year Forecast of Personal Cycles & Trends  $200.
(This consultation is suggested for new clients)

This consultation provides a fascinating exploration into your one of a kind birth chart archetypes, and suggested developmental influences in areas of childhood, education, relating dynamics, talents, challenges, strengths, vocational aptitude, spirituality and evolutionary Soul purpose.  It also includes a timeline exploring major life developments from birth to present, and a detailed forecast of approaching trends, transitions and/or opportunities.  This consultation offers a rich and enlightening discussion which is sure to empower you on your life path.

Natal Birth Chart  $150.

This consultation is the same as above service description , however, it does not include a one year forecast of personal trends and cycles.  The focus is on understanding your essential nature, early life developments and soul purpose.

Yearly Cosmic Trends Update & Forecast $125.

A comprehensive and insightful overview of patterns and cycles in your recent past, present and immediate future.  This discussion identifies approaching opportunities and/or challenges, and how these trends fit into your larger life purpose.  An update answers questions like, “How can I constructively cooperate with what the universe if asking of me at this time?” or “How can I use this period of my life most creatively?”

Yearly Cosmic Trends Forecast & Solar Return Birthday Chart Combined Analysis  $170.

A Solar Return chart is a once a year birthday chart which occurs when the transiting Sun returns to the precise degree of your natal Sun in your birth chart.  A Solar Return analysis combined with an annual update provides a comprehensive indication of the “celestial climate” for your personal year.  The area of the Solar Return Chart where your natal Sun is found suggests an area of great focus, self development and self expression for the coming year.

Solar Return Birthday Chart $75.

A Solar Return Birthday Chart is a chart or horoscope formed at the precise moment the transiting Sun returns to the exact zodiac sign and degree at the time of your birth. It offers deep insights into your creative potential for the year, suggesting where and how to best focus your energies for the new year. The astrological house the natal Sun is found in, and the aspects formed to other planets and chart points, suggest areas of important life developments. An exact birth date is required as with all other astrological offerings. This reading is best done within 3 months of your actual birthday.

Immediate Influences Update $75.

This update focuses on current transits and progressions only, offering clarity and guidance on immediate life concerns or developments.

Compatibility-Synastry Chart Analysis  $225.

This consultation provides invaluable insights about your primary relationships as it identifies how two individual’s needs and life orientation synchronize or challenge one another.  The ultimate goal is to maximize harmony through a deep understanding of the unconscious dynamics and soul agendas of each individual.

Natal Birth Chart for a Child  $100.

This consultation focuses on your child’s innate emotional needs, temperament, learning style, talents and abilities.   The goal is to empower parents to nurture their child’s authentic self with knowledge of their child’s unique blueprint.

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Astrology Consultations