About Astrology

Astrology is an ancient language of symbols, myths and stories.   Astrology is a sacred science which blends mathematical precision with intuitive interpretation.  It is the language of the soul.   It offers a celestial compass which is formed from the planetary configuration at your date, time and location of birth.  This compass is referred to as the natal birth chart.  It is the soul’s blue print or code, as well as an unfolding map of your evolving consciousness.  In essence, at the moment of your birth, the planets formed a particular pattern in the sky.  This particular pattern mirrors the pattern of your life development.  An astrology consultation provides a profound and accurate picture of your inner landscape, as well as your unfolding outer journey.

An astrology consultation offers an in depth look into what the soul is yearning to express through the vehicle of the personality in this lifetime.  It is an outstanding tool providing insights about our past, present circumstances and future potential.  These insights not only help us understand our soul’s intention, they help us make better, more informed decisions based on our unique, heavenly map, which is often referred to as the “soul’s curriculum for this lifetime”.