Gateway Dreaming®


Do you remember your dreams?

We spend one quarter of our life asleep!  Not only are we resting and regenerating our physical bodies during sleep, we are also entering the realm of dream time, a gateway into our inner psyche and other dimensions, where we heal, send healing to others, connect with loved ones in spirit, solve problems and so much more.

Ancient cultures all over the world revered dream time, and used their dream messages to heal, counsel others and make important decisions on behalf of their communities.  Dreams were encouraged, discussed, shared, respected and honored.  It is time to bring back our respect and reverence for dream time.

Dreams are critical for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.  We all dream, even if we do not remember our dreams.  Dreams are mystical messages from our souls.

Gateway Dream Coaching teaches you how to recall your dreams and integrate the healing wisdom of your soul into your waking life.

As a Certified Gateway Dreaming® Coach, I offer the following opportunities to learn more about your dream time:

A six week GATEWAY DREAMING® on-line or in person group class: $125

You will learn:

  • what dreams are from the viewpoints of scientists, psychologists, shamans and mystics
  • how to incubate and recall dreams of all kinds
  • about the mystical use of a dream journal and dream altar
  • about dream aids such as crystals, essential oils and herbs
  • feng shui and space-clearing secrets to promote dreaming
  • how to activate your dream shield and meet your dream guide
  • how to interpret your own dreams
  • how to practice lucid dreaming and astral travel
  • how to connect with loved ones, spirit guides or animal totems
  • how to become a night healer
  • the most common dreams  and their meanings
Did you know that recalling and recording our dreams greatly enhances and transforms our waking life?  Do not miss this opportunity to activate the mystical dreamer within…


This class includes a free downloadable workbook and journal to record your nighttime travels.

It is recommended you purchase Denise Linn’s book called Hidden Power of Dreams***

$125.  six weeks  (one session per week) dream coaching and dream sharing

Check EVENTS page for upcoming classes***

Private GATEWAY DREAMING® sessions: $75

In a private session, either in person or via skype or phone, you will have the opportunity to discuss one or more of your dreams, and learn tools and techniques to understand and gain wisdom from your dream time adventures.   Dream coaching assists you in clarifying and resolving waking life problems or dilemmas.  It also expands your consciousness, as your personal reality integrates the vast, healing arena of dream journeys.

$75.  60 minute session

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