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This specialized form of divination provides messages and guidance which open the doors to self discovery and soul potential.  Our journey through life is a spiritual quest, and sometimes daily life or earthly concerns create confusing static in our quest for clarity and understanding.   An oracle reading will help clear this internal static providing soulful guidance and simple, yet profound realizations.  Cost $33.


A Soul Journey is a guided, meditative journey into the depths of your Soul.  This allows you to truly hear the wisdom of your soul and gain answers to the deeper questions of your life.   Cost $65.


Did you know that sometimes the answers to our most pressing problems, fears, and phobias do not reside in our current lifetime?  In addition, many of our present talents and innate abilities have been nurtured in prior lives. It has been significantly documented by prominent psychiatrists, psychologists and past life regression experts that reincarnation does, in fact, exist.  The basic premise of reincarnation is that we are infinite souls who reincarnate to evolve our understanding and wisdom.

Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, it really does not matter!  You will still reap benefits from deeply relaxing and “imagining” a past life scenario.  Do not discount the power of imagination, as it is the key to accessing the inner realms of the soul.  Often, what we “imagine” is an actual metaphor for a past life experience.

The insights obtained in a past life journey will inform and guide you in this life.  During a guided meditation, you will tap into roles your soul may have assumed in past lives.  Awareness of past life beliefs, blockages, challenges, gifts or talents, can facilitate wonderful changes in your present life.  In a past life journey, you have the ability to literally re-write your history, change an unpleasant outcome, as well as change beliefs about yourself and your circumstances!  The insights and awareness gained in a past life journey help to create positive results in ALL directions of time: past, present and future.  In the unseen realms, linear time does not exist.  Cost $90.

Past Life Regression sessions are only done in person


The purpose of a Soul Coaching® collage is to create a meaningful vision, and symbolically sow the seeds of what you want to grow in your life.  A collage may have various themes such as love, career, family, health, vitality and spirituality.  The collage is a symbolic representation of positive feelings generated from what you truly desire to begin, attract, maintain or improve in your life.  The collage process is a sacred and fun process.  It primarily uses pictures, words and phrases which speak to your soul.  It is meant to be a constant, subliminal reminder of that which your heart truly desires.  It is a creative and fun process which is sure to generate positive results in your life.  Where intention goes, energy flows!   Cost $25 as a single event, otherwise, included in the 28 day process.

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“At the edge of the mind awaits the holy wilderness of the soul.  It beckons you, like an ancient forest, filled with vast mysteries and wonders.  Soul Coaching is a simple path of the heart to the temple that dwells at its depth.”    Denise Linn