Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings

I have studied the mystical, divinatory art of tarot since 1994.  The strikingly beautiful and universal language of the tarot provide uncanny access to our hidden depths.  The universal archetypes speak directly to us through the visual.  Many believe that Carl Jung’s theory of synchronicity is at work during a tarot reading.  Synchronicity defined, is the experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated, yet are experienced as occurring  together in a meaningful manner.   In other words, randomly chosen tarot cards reflect a pictorial “snapshot” of our actual life situations, wishes, hopes, fears and heartfelt questions at any given moment in time.  A professional tarot reading is a spiritual form of coaching.  It acknowledges our strengths, gifts, talents and challenges.  It clarifies our choices and our responsibilities.  The tarot is fluid and choice centered.  It supports a deep understanding of self and soul,  and encourages empowered choices and insights.

The earliest recorded historical evidence of tarot was the mid-fifteenth century in various parts of Europe, where tarot was commonly used as a card game such as Italian tarocchini.  Tarot has also been used by mystics as a map of mental and spiritual pathways since the eighteenth century.  Many believe that the true origins of tarot are shrouded in the mists of time.

Regardless of the origin of tarot, it has become a well respected divinatory tool, offering personal insights and opportunities for self transformation.  To those souls seeking greater self knowledge, the tarot is a wonderful guide on the journey of life.  Explore your inner landscape through the symbolism of tarot.

Oracle Readings

Oracle card readings are another divinatory tool which access intuitive guidance to our most heartfelt questions.  Oracle card readings help us connect to our higher self or source energy to seek answers or insights into any life situation or circumstance. Our journey in life is not always easy and clear, and sometimes it helps to seek an objective viewpoint or outside perspective to help clarify matters. The messages received in an oracle reading offer helpful guidance and empowering insights. I will intuitively choose from many different themed oracle decks which is most appropriate for your questions or concerns at the time of your reading.

Rates for Tarot & Oracle Card Readings:

60-minutes: $100.00
30-minutes: $50.00

To make payment for your Tarot or Oracle card reading, please select the appropriate reading time the drop down box below.

Tarot/Oracle Card Readings


“Beauty is the illumination of your soul”.  AnamCara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom