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If you or someone you know have experienced the loss of someone you love, I would like to introduce you to the “THE HEARTS LINK®”.

My personal experience:  I trained as a Certified Practitioner of The Hearts Link® in 2013.

I was guided to this sacred process after the devastating loss of my teenage son Richie in 2010.  I experienced many amazing and validating messages from professional mediums in the years after he passed.  However, I yearned for something more.  I yearned to connect with my son on my own and become my own medium channel.

As I worked with this sacred tool and experienced the “soul to soul” connection, I was guided to become a certified practitioner of The Hearts Link® to help guide and teach others who have lived through profound loss to experience their own “soul to soul” connection with their departed loved ones.  Though we will always yearn for the physical presence of our loved ones, there is a way in our new paradigm to reach across “the veil” through this active, experiential process of healing and self discovery.

I have many years of experience working with others on a soul level using both metaphysical and practical tools.  I have also experienced the early and untimely loss of my sister, my brother and my son.

I offer one to one consultations and day long retreats teaching this sacred methodology.

It is also available for private use on your own to discover your unique medium channel in the comfort of your own home or sacred space.

I welcome your questions or shared experiences on this life long journey of healing.

Carol Bellis – Certified Practitioner of The Hearts Link®

The Hearts Link Kit

The Hearts Link® Kit $49.95

It is a remarkable self-healing  Mediumship kit developed by my friend and colleague, internationally recognized Spiritual Author, Annabel Joy Wyndham.  In The Hearts Link®, she shares the sacred wisdom from over 44 years of Mediumship experience to support, inspire, and empower others toward self-healing and enlightenment.

This remarkable program guides you safely into divine union with your departed loved one, friend, pet or ancestor by activating a “soul to soul” connection.  Within this sacred methodology you learn how to access and develop the Mediumship Link™ that already exists as part of your creation.  The love and benevolence of your Spirit Creator will support and protect you through a perfectly unique and experiential discovery of sacred union.  During the embrace of this conscious Oneness, the answers and exchange you desire for peace, harmony, insight, and forgiveness are yours to cherish.

This 5”X6”X2” CD box set includes an experiential audio teaching, guided discovery meditation, and a sacred, programmed crystal tool.  It makes a great gift for yourself or someone you know who is suffering from the pain of loss by providing comfort through this sacred experience.

The kit includes a crystal tool and an audio CD with a teaching and experiential meditation:  $49.95

You can listen to a sample audio meditation from the Kit here:

The Hearts Link® Kit: $49.95

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One Day Retreat ($195/$245)

One day retreats are from 9 AM – 6 PM – please see EVENTS page for any upcoming scheduled retreats and further details.  You may also contact Carol Bellis at 508-728-4680 or email her

The one day retreats are a sacred circle of receiving, where you will find comfort and peace through this sacred union and an awakening of your innate Mediumship Channel. This is an experiential process of your own ability to safely connect with loved ones, friends, pets or ancestors. The Hearts Link retreats offer support, learning and a venue for greater understanding of The Mediumship Channel.

$245 – Includes purchase of kit

$195 – Prerequisite: you already own a kit

One-Hour Private Consultation $75

(Prerequisite: you have previous experience working with the kit)

The Hearts Link® Services

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The Hearts Link® Services


There are mysteries within the soul that no hypothesis can uncover or no guess can reveal.” – Khalil Gibran