“Carol Bellis is a remarkable and compassionate Soul Coach. She creates a safe and nurturing environment for discovering your soul’s truth.”
Denise Linn, Founder, International Training Institute of Soul Coaching

Thank you for sharing this experience with me. You are a gift to the world.


Creating a safe and nurturing environment, Carol is skilled at taking her clients on soul and past life journeys, allowing you to really hear your soul's messages and to heal past lives. Carol's gift for soul coaching, combined with her talent and knowledge of astrology and the tarot, allows her to provide her clients' a unique perspective, and the tools they need to find their true life's purpose.

Michelle Chant, Marketing Director - Canberra, Australia

Working with Carol Bellis as a Soul Coach has been an enjoyable experience for me. Carol's sense of professionalism, as well as her love for her job, her intuition and her ability to help a person help themselves in re-finding their path, make her a very good Soul Coach. I would not hesitate recommending Carol Bellis to anyone.

Lilian C. Hulf, London, England

Carol is gifted, talented, and insightful! I have enjoyed working with her personally and professionally and highly recommend her services as a soul coach.

Tammy L. Smith, Atlanta, GA MA, Reiki Master, LMT, CSC

Carol, in you I see a blissful, ethereal spirit. Observing, learning, soaking up all the energy around you and simply being yourself. You have such wonderful insights and you have been able to courageously share yourself and your life with me as part of the group. You have such innate abilities and talents working with people, and your naturalness and authenticity shine from your eyes and your heart. Believe in yourself.


As someone who has experienced Carol's Soul Coaching, I can truly say that Carol comes from the heart. She always gives her client deep care and compassion that feels like a sacred sanctuary. Carol is gifted as a healer, astrologer, and coach, and I believe that it is her strong intuition and deep listening abilities that allow her clients to open and make huge shifts in their lives. I have to say that I haven't met anyone like Carol before. She is mystical yet present, deep and thorough, yet she's also fun, bright and uplifting. If you are a woman like myself--one who is going through big transformations in her life--I think you will enjoy working with her and get good results

Amanda Miller, Berkeley, CA, Holistic Esthetician

Carol Bellis has my highest recommendation as a Soul Coach. I have been greatly impressed by the depths of her insight, her gentle and thoughtful manner, and the profound understanding she possesses of all manners of the soul. In addition to her soul coaching work, she is a highly skilled, experienced, well-read astrologer who is also trained in the shamanistic arts. She consistently demonstrates an ability to integrate all of her considerable learnings into a pathway unique to each client and will help all who seek her services to find, in a heartfelt way, the deepest meaning of their souls. Happy journeys!

Lori Reckling

A Beautiful Soul, that is what Carol is. And from that perspective she will provide you with the safety that is needed to discover your own Soul. On top of that Carol is an excellent Astrologer and Tarot Reader. It is my pleasure to recommend Carol as your future Soul Coach!


Last year, I was in a point in my life where I felt like everything was at a stand still and I needed some direction. I went to see Carol and she gave me an extraordinary reading. Her insightful and intuitive reading helped me to gain the focus and courage I needed to make some very important life decisions. I've contacted her again this year and once again she's given me incredible guidance!

Jeanne S. Winchester, MA

Carol Bellis is a gifted and well versed Astrologer, Tarotist and Reflexologist. Carol provides these services with the utmost professionalism and compassion, always ethical, always sensitive to the needs of the individual. I personally find her information and services to be thorough and complete, always presented with an open heart.

Paulette Richard-O'Rourke, Mashpee, MA
Reiki Master Teacher, Whole Health Educator, Hypnotherapist

I decided to call Carol for an update because a friend of mine had a consultation with her and raved about it for weeks. I had no idea how informative and enlightening it would be. I give her astrological talents 5 stars! She really helped me with a confusing situation and I am eternally grateful

Joe F. Hanover, MA

Carol Bellis brings you on a spiritual journey that will transform your life. Her acute intuition and knowledge of astrology will lead you, as it did me, to discover your true path.

Mary F. Artist Chatham, MA

I would like to share my experience with an astrological chart that was done for me by Carol Bellis. The birth chart that she presented was incredibly insightful and accurate. I was amazed that she had revealed all of my spiritual journeys. The stages and struggles of my life were mirrored with uncanny exactitude in the chart. Carol Bellis is exceptionally gifted and interprets the charts of her clients with sensitivity and compassion. Carol Bellis offers a truly mind opening experience.

Diane J. Dennis, MA

I wouldn't say I was a skeptic about astrology maybe more on the uninformed side. Carol explained things in such a way, I was able to understand and get the general concept of how it all works. When she looked at my birthchart and talked about what she saw as my personality traits and the ways in which I deal with disappointment and joy, it was all who I am. Getting explanations for troubled times in my life, hearing that things will change for me as the stars change, and that I will learn my lessons, helped put it all into perspective.

Susan B. Billerica, MA

I had been seeking employment for several months with no idea when this situation would change. Carol told me TO THE DAY when there would be much activity regarding vocational possibilities. In addition, she told me what was started at this time would probably solidify the following month. She was 100 percent accurate! I would highly recommend her astrological expertise.

Doug P. Sandwich, MA

Carol's readings are highly intuitive and on the mark. Her observations are wise and complement one's own intuition and inner wisdom. I always feel uplifted after her readings. She has helped me navigate smoothly through some difficult major life transitions.

Ann K. of Sarasota, FL

I have found your astrological advice extremely accurate and insightful! It has positively guided me in my personal life, as well as my professional life. I can't thank you enough for this gift!

Lisa M. Sandwich, MA

You were so right about romance in July! I argued it would never happen and it did. I am dating a man who is amazing. I took a chance for a change and there he was... Thank you for your words of wisdom and kindness, as always.

Kristine C. Cape Cod, MA

Carol is a truly gifted, kind, and compassionate person whose sincerity, experience, and professionalism really shines through. This was my first astrology reading, and it was worth it on so many levels! My reading was very detailed and provided a wealth of information. Carol gave me great information on my life purpose and career path, and her profound insights on some deeper issues helped me release a lot of guilt and grief that I've been carrying for so long. She also helped me understand all of the pivotal points in my life, both past, present, and future, and validated many feelings and emotions. After this reading, I felt very inspired, uplifted, and optimistic for things to come. It was life changing for me!

Michelle B., Augusta, Georgia