Astrology Readings in Naples, Bonita Springs Florida


Astrology Readings in Naples, Florida

What is astrology and how can it help me?

Astrology is an ancient language comprised of planets, symbols, and archetypes.  It is a sacred science which blends mathematical precision and intuitive interpretation.  In essence, at the moment of your birth, the planets formed a particular pattern in the sky.  This particular pattern or blueprint of your soul mirrors the pattern of your birth and life unfolding.  Each and every birth chart is so unique and distinctive….like your own personal fingerprint!  There is no such thing as a good or bad chart.  Everything in your chart is there to provide you the opportunity to understand your unique personality.  Your chart also provides the opportunity to understand and clarify your life direction, goals, relationships, vocational aptitude, and soul purpose.  How you deal with the challenges and opportunities in your chart is entirely up to you.

An astrology reading is like a key which opens the code to your life.  It is an in-depth look at your past, present and potential future outlining the major developmental themes and issues in your life.  It clarifies both opportunities and stumbling blocks that may keep you from living a fulfilled life.


All astrology services require day, month and year of birth, the EXACT time of birth AM or PM and town and state of birth.  The birth time is critical to a very accurate reading. If your birth time is not known, please contact the office of vital statistics in your state of birth.

All readings are available by telephone, skype or in person.

Astrology Offerings

Natal Chart

This consultation provides a fascinating exploration into your one of a kind birth chart.

Natal Chart with one year forecast

Natal Birth chart with one year forecast of personal cycles and trends

Yearly Updates

Yearly update and forecast of personal cycles and trends.

Synastry Charts

This consultation provides invaluable insights into your primary relationships as it identifies how two individual’s needs and life orientation.

Please note above prices include my detailed study and preparation before we meet on phone or in person.  Phone readings will include recording sent to you by email after consultation.  It is recommended that you record from your end if possible, as unexpected technical difficulties occur on occasion.

“Carol explained things in such a way, I was able to understand.”
Susan B. Billerica, MA

“Carol is gifted as a healer, astrologer, and coach, and I believe that it is her strong intuition and deep listening abilities that allow her clients to open and make huge shifts in their lives.”
Amanda Miller, Berkeley, CA, Holistic Esthetician